A platform for IT service providers who access industry leaders in virtualization solutions with proven reliability, broad coverage of applications and mobility features. The VMware Service Provider Program (VMware Service Provider Program) is designed exclusively for data centers. so they can respond effectively and economically to customers` needs with the best virtualization technology on the market. VMware also offers different benefits to partners, depending on the level of membership of the partner – Registered, Professional, Enterprise and Premier. These benefits include access to marketing materials, training and technical support for VMware products and services, discounted product licenses, offering development tools based on VMware products, and service provider breeding under the VMware Partner Locator site. Depending on the membership level, VMware may also require the partner to purchase a certain number of points per month or a minimum number of VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) in the staff. As the largest network of cloud services validated using VMware technology, the VMware Cloud Provider program allows partners to use VMware products in a monthly pay-as-you-Grow subscription model. With a wide range of VMware-based cloud services on a geographic basis, VMware service partners can now offer hybrid cloud services that quickly expand the customer`s data center to the cloud using the same VMware products and tools they already use on-site. The End User License Agreement (EULA) prohibits the use of these products in hosted environments.

VMware vSphere HypervisorVMware and VMware Server are not included in the VSPP product portfolio, so they cannot be used to host customer environments. With the VMware Cloud Verified logo in your marketing campaigns and content signals sent to your customers and prospects, your core cloud technologies and services are based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure. The goal of the program is to provide service provider partners with an easy-to-implement OpEx strategy for investments in VMware infrastructure on a pay-per-use model. The service provider can lease VMware product licenses through a points system. Each VMware offer costs a certain number of points, and the total points used per month determine the amount of VMware charged to the service provider. Cloud computing offers a much more efficient, flexible and less costly way to meet the growing business requirements: IT as a Service. VMware offers a scalable and practical path to this new model with solutions that use cloud performance while ensuring security and preserving the value of existing technology investments. The VMware Cloud Provider Program consists of VMware Software as-a-Service and our global ecosystem of VMware service provider partners.