2.5 There is no agreement or agreement that limits or affects the transactions contemplated under this agreement or the title of surrender and the right to use and sell the transferred devices. 2.1 Subject to the terms of these provisions, the transfer, as the rightful owner of the transferred devices, undertakes to pass to the assignor and the taker undertakes to purchase from the taker all the equipment transferred without any charge. 4.3 Ownership of the transferred devices is transferred from the transfer to the ceder on the reference date, but if the laws require that the transfer of ownership be conditional on the closing of the registration of the amendments or if other conditions are set, ownership of these transferred devices is transferred until the registration of the amendments is concluded and the conditions set by law are met. “transferred equipment,” equipment that is legally in possession of the transfer, as listed in Schedule 21. The parties agree that the consideration to be paid by the cedant for the acquisition of all the devices transferred by the assignor, under the applicable conditions, is the minimum price (the “transfer price”) which is then authorized by the laws of the PRC. Subject to reciprocal agreement, the contracting parties may, at the time of conclusion, adjust the final amount of the transfer price on the basis of the actual conditions of the transferred equipment. 4.1.1 to give the purchaser a duly executed letter of transmission or a similar act and/or, if necessary, a form and substance satisfactory to the ceding, in the form and content for the transferred devices, to certify that the title of the transferred devices has been legally handed over to the ceding company; 10.3 All disputes that arise in this matter and at this meeting are resolved through consultations between the parties and, if it is not possible to reach agreement on such a dispute within thirty (30) days of its appearance, this dispute will be submitted to the Shanghai Arbitration Subcommittee of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, in accordance with arbitration rules, and the award will be definitively binding on the parties. 2.1 The Transferor has good commercial ownership of all transferred devices and all transferred devices are free and free of any charge, third party rights, any payment under a lease or lease-financing, a contract for the sale of credit or a contract to buy or sell documents or any other right identical or similar to the law requested by a person.