It is forbidden to use recreational vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, trucks equipped with motorhomes in bed and all other vehicles that provide sleeping places for purposes other than transport. Overcrowding of rental houses includes the occupation of vehicles of this type and tenants for violating evacuation occupancy limits. Some areas also prohibit the parking of motorhomes in the driveway of a house. Whether you`re staying at Dale`s Lodge, in the forest or at the BBC Cabin, we`re delighted you`re planning to stay at camp. Bethany Birches is essentially a camp for Christian children. Our mission is to help young people develop their relationship with God by providing them with a Christ-oriented camping experience in a natural and nurturing environment. You can read more about our mission and work on the website ( Due to the nature of the camp, we are thirsty for tenants to experience tranquility, relaxation and good times. We cannot allow excessive drinks and celebrations, illegal activities or anything else that is disrespectful to others, whether in your group, camp staff or camp neighbors. If you have trouble accepting, you should look for accommodation elsewhere.

Please include your name below to confirm what is written above. You also confirm, by listing your name, that you are the group coordinator and that you communicate these policies with the rest of the group. You also acknowledge that you are over 25 years of age and have read the following guidelines regarding the rental of facilities at Camp Bethany Birches (also available online under and agree to comply with them while your group is here. Finally, you acknowledge that all damage to the facilities that has been caused during your stay will be charged to you. Bethany Birches provides you with the facilities you reserve for the data on your invoice and rental agreement. These details have been sent to you by e-mail. Once you have collected this data and the signatures of your customers, you can create your agreement as a PDF. JotForm`s new PDF editor helps you transfer the deposit data into your PDF. This PDF rental agreement template offers an elegant design. Your agreements are ready.

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