– Name – Address – Date of Birth – Contact Information – Family Composition – Photo ID – Bank Statements – Income and Expense Information – Details of your financial situation, including employment contract and wages, savings, loans, mortgage details and other relevant financial information – Copy of the current lease, If so, the owners – the confirmation of “contracted” lawyer Elaine Pellow, Chair of the PCH Board of Directors, says, “The tenants who come to us will be able to enjoy all the other benefits that are part of the PCH community – free training and employment clubs, opportunities for participation for residents and events, not to mention excellent repair service and housing staff. Send communityconnections@plymouth.gov.uk or call 01752 398500 if you have problems with private rentals. We will keep you informed of the application process and you will call to agree on an appropriate time to sign assured Shorthold`s lease in our office in Crownhill, Plymouth. After signing the rental agreement, we ask you to pay the rest of the deposit and the months of rent in advance. The Shelter website provides information on tenants` rights and general housing issues. The local Shelter office also provides advice on forfeiture, homelessness and rental issues. “These homes are the only social housing we own in Plymouth, and they are a far cry from our nearest office in Bristol,” says Nicholas Harris, Executive Director of Stonewater. “We felt that clients would benefit from the management of the property by a more local housing provider. PCH is ideally positioned to manage these homes and provide residents with a responsive, efficient and quality service that offers good value for money.

Stonewater, the largest provider of social housing, has completed the transfer of 92 social housing units in Plymouth to the city`s largest social landlord, Plymouth Community Homes (PCH). The sale includes the tasks of estate administration for 100 additional private properties in the area. The court heard that Head had been a tenant of the house since 2005, with the last lease signed with PCH in 2011. Stonewater inquired about the transfer with the tenants and obtained approval from the Municipal and Home Agency before continuing the sale. The PCH has about 15,000 social housing units in Plymouth. “Buying homes in Little America helps us achieve our goal of increasing the number of social housing units we have for the city`s residents,” said John Clark, CEO of PCH. “The ownership of these homes in Little America fulfills our social purpose and is business-friendly because we receive a return on investment and this means that the people of the area will benefit from an urban housing provider with local staff. I firmly believe that this is a step that benefits everyone. Once the holding company`s deposit funds have been transferred to the client account, please send an email matt@plymouthhomes.co.uk: – As with all our fully managed real estate, we have made available to you your independent professional inventory, prepared by AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks). Please take the time to verify the information, as this document is used at the end of the lease.

If there are changes, just mark them on the document and come back to us within 7 days. If we do not hear from you, the document will be considered true and fair. Head said she originally kept the property if her relationship was broken and she had to return. Access to call records is conducted by survey, with the exception of training, or when abusive or threatening behaviour has occurred or when a complaint has been filed and an investigation is required.