5. No such concession, right, privilege or franchise may be granted to any person, enterprise, corporation or association unless it provides for reasonable compensation or consideration paid to that city and whether or not a different or additional indemnity is provided for the beneficiary, it must pay the fixed fee prescribed by the franchise by-law. The management body shall also have access to all books, receipts, records, records and documents of such a addressee, necessary to verify the accuracy of such declaration and correct it if they prove to be defective, and shall have the right to verify them at any time. If this indication of gross revenue is incorrect, this payment shall be made in accordance with this corrected declaration. (n) A city may request a telecommunications service provider to change location to collect or transfer to that city an access charge or a gross revenue charge for access lines that have been resold to another telecommunications change of location service provider, but in that case, the city does not collect any access fees or gross revenue from the telecommunications exchange service operator resellers and does not require the telecommunications exchange service provider: Resellers in a regulation on the contractual franchise referred to in paragraph (d). If your franchise is sold in a state that has a franchise registration law or a business opportunity law, you may need to submit your FDD to the state for verification before you can offer or sell franchise sites in that state. While this is not applicable in the state of Kansas, it is something you should keep in mind if you want to offer or sell franchises in a country of registration or franchise registration….