e) Franchisor provides additional services that can be developed below by Franchisor and offered to its franchisees. c) As a licence and service fee, an amount based on the gross turnover of the franchise business and payable monthly until the tenth day of each month for the previous month`s sales. If the one-month gross sales do not exceed $25,000, the royalty for this month is 5% of those sales. If such gross monthly sales is $25,000.00, but not or not more than $100,000.00, the royalty is 4.5% of those sales. If gross monthly sales are $100,000.00 or more than $150,000, the monthly fee is 4% of those sales. If these gross monthly sales are $150,000 or more than $150,000 but do not exceed $200,000, the monthly licence fee is 3.5% of these sales. If gross monthly sales are $200,000 or more than $200,000, the monthly fee is 3%. If the franchised company has a single commercial customer that generates more than $25,000 in revenue in a given month, the fee for that customer is 3% for that customer alone for that month. The term “gross sales” used in this agreement refers to the amount of money charged for the performance of cleaning and other services authorized by franchisees, if provided, taking into account the restrictions referred to in point V (e). Franchisees agree, in return for the franchise, to pay a deductible and a monthly fee as follows: k) in all literature and correspondence reports and by a notice of primary importance on the premises, make it clear that it is a franchisee independent of the franchisor and that it is not related in any other way. The franchise agreement must also indicate the amount of the royalty payable by the franchisee. This may include an initial fee and current royalties.

Before signing, the franchisee must understand everything on the document, including the restrictions and provisions set out in the document. (c) Franchisor reserves the right to require franchisees to cooperate with other franchisees in regional or national promotional and marketing activities. Franchisor recognizes the value of regional and national marketing and advertising and the importance of standardizing these programs to promote regional and national goodwill and the public image of the Home Cleaning Centers of America and reserves the right to franchise up to one percent (1%) to require franchisees to pay Franchisor. Percent of the gross revenue of the Home Cleaning Centers of America franchise at a time when Franchisor is implementing a regional or national advertising program. The payment is made monthly on the tenth day of the following month for the previous month`s gross sales. As part of a national or regional advertising program that has been developed, Franchisor agrees that all home clean centers of America franchisees are represented by a committee of franchisees and franchisees in the promotion program, and all programs must be approved by the majority of such a committee. All franchise agreements in the United States are governed by federal and national laws that govern the general principles of the treaty. There is also a franchise rule established by the Federal Trade Commission, which covers the specific information that the franchisor must provide to the franchisee before an agreement can be signed.