“mobile phone” refers to the mobile phone in which your SIM card and mobile phone number (also known as the msISDN number) are installed within the meaning of these terms and conditions. “Fee” refers to all applicable login fees, subscription fees, user fees, SIM card fees, C coverage fees, mobile phone charges, risk transfer fees and any other costs associated with providing our Services to you, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. “ICASA,” South Africa`s independent communications authority. This is a public body that governs how Cell C and other network providers as we manage their business and the services it provides to you. “Our network” refers to the electronic communication system used by Cell C to provide our services in South Africa. “our services,” the electronic communications services available on our network, including all the services we provide, whether they are paid and non-paying services. You can find more information about our services on our website (/www.cellc.co.za) or contact us to explain what is available to you via our network, which may change while using your SIM card. You can also ask any representative of Cell C to inquire about our “RICA” services, which means the regulation on interception of communications and the provision of communication information, 2002. “SIM Card” is a subscriber ID module. You must use your SIM card to access our network. “Tariff Plan” refers to the various tariff (cost) plans we have published that explain: “Our vision is to be the largest aggregator of wholesale capacity and customers of infrastructure providers. We will work together on infrastructure, but we will compete with products and services.

The 4G roaming contract with MTN is the first step in implementing a cost policy and brings tangible benefits to our customers. These terms and conditions contain provisions that limit our liability for legal liability and even make you responsible for a large number of acts. Some of these provisions have the effect of restricting your rights of law and transfer of obligations to you because of your consent to these Terms and Conditions. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with these provisions before accessing the websites and not to access the sites if you do not agree to comply with them. This clause is dissociable from the rest of this agreement and therefore remains fully valid even if, for whatever reason, the contract is terminated or terminated at any time. “The first half of 2020 was marked by the continued economic downturn, which weakened overall customer spending. We have taken active steps to focus on revenue and subscriber growth, and have moved towards more profitable long-term growth in the prepaid and contract segments. In addition, we were able to generate $418 million more in operating cash than the previous year. Cell C also revealed that over the past 12 months, its prepaid subscriber base has collapsed by 34.6%, the company said this was consistent with management`s strategy to streamline its subscriber base while maintaining profitable customers. These terms and conditions of use represent the entire agreement between you and us regarding your access and use of websites.

In addition, wholesale trade fell by 7%, and Cell C says this is due to an exit from retail contracts “that has watered down margins and overloaded the network; MVNOs` share continued to reflect solid growth and grew by 18% to R398 million.” Although there was a decrease of 2.9 million prepaid customers, a 21% decrease over the 12 months to 2019, the margin is better for our existing customers, as we acquire profitable customers and do not sign customers at all costs,” said Cell CFO Zaf Mahomed.