3) Check the BBA clauses or better to conclude the otfsale agreement. Firslty is also called BBA under the name of sales contract under the conditions it establishes. 1. Do I have to sign a “sales contract” under HRERA or is BBA sufficient? I sent several reminders to the client in which I asked him if it was necessary to conclude this sales contract or if another formality was necessary to comply with HRERA, but no answer. Rest, if you wish, you can perform a detailed interview as well as a detailed analysis of your agreement, whether or not it is a sales agreement, and give you the format. 3. There are also some doubts as to the financial situation of the contracting authority; Can this be a basis for requesting a refund with point #2 under RERA? 4) If the contracting authority does not conclude the construction within the contractual period, terminate the contract and request the reimbursement of the money with interest If the contract of buyer the contracting authority is identical to the contract of sale, no separate agreement is necessary for the sale under RERA. Answer: The financial situation of the client is not to be determined for you. You need to check your cover letter and the BBA if there is a refund clause, if so, what is it? “In addition to balancing the contractual document, the Autorité also ensured that the fine paid by the buyers to the developers for late payment was made up to what the contracting authority pays to the buyers.

In the past, the buyer had to pay 18% interest as a penalty for late payment and only received 5% from the owner if the client was late,” Khandelwal said. The owner-buyer contract, on the basis of which real estate sales are made, was a bone of contention, since the town and country planning department considers them a bilateral document and refuses to intervene in the event of a dispute, thus denying the buyer or the injured party the elimination of complaints. Inappropriate and unilateral buyer agreements will no longer be allowed in Gurugram, KK Khandelwal, chairman of the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Hrera), said on Monday. Answer: For now, the BBA is enough. Once the client has obtained the CC and OC, only you can execute the “purchase contract”. Khandelwal also warned against developers who obtained graduation certificates based on incomplete documents. The head of Hrera made the comments at a seminar in the city. He said the agency had done a lot of work to protect the interests of home buyers. If you wait until the time indicated in the contract, if it is not completed on time, you can claim compensation for the delay by complaining to the RERA authority or by filing a complaint with the Consumer Court. Since there is no means of recourse, there is still time, so it is better to wait and then make an appeal and ask for reimbursement and compensation. Now you can not get the refund, because there is still no reason to take action, there is still time below the agreement.

(2) The agreement is sufficient to be reimbursed by the contracting authority On the buyer`s side, Naveen Arora, Secretary General of the Universal Welfare Association, asked the Authority what will happen to projects with which developers have gone bankrupt. “We want to know if getting closer to Hrera`s cases in other courts would make them sterile? It is also necessary to evaluate developers who make countless promises in court,” he asked. Answer: As it is registered with RERA, a full refund is not possible. The client loses a certain percentage. But if, according to the BBA, the contracting authority has declared that the full reimbursement has been made, you can also contact it; Hello Sir, if the project has been delayed and the construction work is delayed in accordance with the BBA, you can request a refund at the same time as compensation. In accordance with the provisions of the RERA, in the event of a delay in the project, an allotte may request the full reimbursement of the sum or a monthly allowance until the completion of the project. You can contact me for further support with RERA in my office at GURGAON Fourhtly, after definitely entertaining your complaint and getting all the facilities they were waiting for….