If the tenant or driver changes the duration of the tenancy in accordance with section 12.1, the tenant or driver will bear the more advantageous costs of either rent for the total duration of the rent or an initial rental fee plus the costs for the extended period. This is a long article because I listed my email to Budget and its surprising response. I have used the budget in the United States for many years, and my business was ethical and fair in the United States. My international rental did not go to my domestic rents. Did the person who rents you the car speak English to you? Only curious, because the car rental staff I dealt with had different fluencies in English, they may have understood that you explain that you did not want insurance in English. I am not sure that it is possible to get a mandatory copy of the lease in English before you leave. The commitment would be the one you sign to the pickup that would be in French. But I could be wrong, because I never tried to do it. One way to avoid putting someone with anyone to help you with pick-up problems is to use a broker like Autoeurope.

Autoeurope finds the best deals and is then with you, on their 24 hours, 800 lines from France, during the rental process. If you have a question about something at the time of pickup, call it and ask. I`m sorry for any problems with your rental fees. When renting international documents are not necessary to be presented in English, I apologize for any misunderstanding. We can only base decisions on the signed treaty. When checking the lease, it will clearly take into account the acceptance of the coverage and the price charged with your signature of the acceptance. Based on this information, we cannot provide credits for the lease. The tenant or driver must perform the daily inspection and maintenance of rental cars during the service life in accordance with section 47-2 (Daily Inspection and Maintenance) of the Highway Vehicle Code. The tenant or driver pays us the consumption tax, including the local excise tax levied on the rental process in accordance with the terms and conditions.