b. Termination for inexperienced reasons takes effect immediately upon notice to CMP.c. CMP is only entitled to compensation for services actually provided up to the effective date of termination.d. HCF will immediately notify Freelance Clinician of the effective date of CMP`s termination and may, at its option, add CMP to its “Do Not Send” list, resulting in CMP not having the right to offer future HCF vacancy notices. i. The professional incompetence or negligence of the CMP;ii. CMP does not have any current and valid certification or license necessary to provide the Services under this Agreement;iii. CMP violates the standards of medical care applicable to services provided under this Agreement;iv. CMP does not present itself to HCF;v as expected and without notification. CMP violates HCF`s Drug Abuse Guidelines;vi. CMP violates HCF`s written guidelines applicable to the provision of services under this Agreement;vii. CMP does not meet the qualifications indicated in the vacancy notice # _____.viii. CMP violates the provisions of paragraph 9 of this MSA with respect to confidential information relating to HCF.

This Medical Services Agreement (“MSA” or “Agreement”) is comprised on the ___ day of 20___ between ____