On November 29, 2013, the Minister acted on the court order and issued final and binding standards and standards for school infrastructure. This is the third version this year, and although they are not perfect, they address many of the issues that EE has raised with the design of the version, and present as such significantly improved standards and standards. They are a tool to improve thousands of schools and change millions of lives. The meeting was robust, open and constructive; However, no agreement has been reached. During the meeting, Minister Motshekga refused to comment on the racist and misleading statement she issued. She proposed a separate meeting on this issue. Writers and leaders talk about the terrible situation in schools, GroundUp, Mary-Anne Gontsana – We organized a conference on July 14 and 15, 2014 with SECTION27, LRC and EELC. This conference brought together several stakeholders to understand the challenge of implementing standards and standards and to plan how to implement standards and standards and ensure that standards and standards are implemented. The provincial and regional governments participated in the conference and participated in a meaningful way. Equal Education has been committed for more than two years to education minister Angie Motshekga publishing minimum standards and standards for school infrastructure.

In March 2012, Equal Education, represented by the Legal Resources Centre, initiated legal proceedings against the Minister after all other forms of democratic engagement were exhausted. The founding documents consisted of an affidavit from the President of Equal Education, Yoliswa Dwane, and a supplementary affidavit from more than 20 schools across South Africa. They describe in great detail the appalling conditions faced by many schools. EE`s opinion indicates that there is broad support within the state for binding and specific standards and standards. The presentation contains excerpts from the official statements of the Auditor General, the Commission on Human Rights, the Financial and Financial Commission, the National Development Plan and final judgments to that effect. Paragraph 4 of the transaction agreement stated that “one of the company`s conditions should not be met; Each of the complainants can quickly go to the High Court to obtain an appropriate discharge. On Tuesday, June 11, 2013, Equal Education opened its case against Minister Motshekga in bhisho High Court. While the minister`s spokesman said EE`s action was “unnecessary,” Justice Dukada decided that the matter was urgent.

The case will be tried on 11 July 2013 at the Bhisho High Court in the Eastern Cape. If the Minister were to adopt legally binding quality standards and standards before this case returns to court, equality of opportunity may suspend his trial. There are also more than 400 schools in the Eastern Cape, classified as “mud schools,” many of which are made of mud and barracks. With respect to standards and standards for public school infrastructure, provincial departments have three years to eradicate schools from inappropriate materials such as mud, wood, metal and asbestos. On the first day of the solidarity visit, delegates visited two schools: Putuma Junior School and Sea View High School. Putuma Junior School is located in the municipality of Mbhashe. Delegates found the school crowded. A class of 9 had more than 100 learners.

In a classroom, participants watched them use concrete blocks as chairs because the school did not have enough furniture. Standards and standards provide learners, parents, schools and municipalities with a unique opportunity to monitor and hold provincial education departments to account.