Leanne Liddle, Director of the Aboriginal Justice Unit, focused on improving the equity of Aboriginal territories in Menzies Oration 2019 (October 31) last month. 16.29 State and territory governments may have other policies or judicial frameworks to reduce the detention of Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders. However, ALRC believes that the AJMs are an important initiative to promote partnership with the Aborigines and peoples of Torres Strait, to promote strategic planning and to facilitate collaborative, culturally appropriate and effective criminal responses. Over the past two years, the NT Justice Unit has conducted more than 120 consultations, including 80 in remote and regional communities, original stations and outdoor stations, as well as with Aboriginal organizations. One of the important findings of these consultations was that Aboriginal people in the NT justice system are subjected to “unconscious prejudice, discrimination, racism and unfair treatment.” Jesuit social services are making this submission aware that we are a non-Aboriginal organization that works primarily with Aboriginal youth and Communities in the Northern Territory. The primary intent of our submission is to express our strong support for this Aboriginal-led process, which attempts to integrate Aboriginal leadership into the justice system and attempts to radically change the outcomes of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. In partnership with the Territorial Aborigines, the Government of the Northern Territory is developing the Northern Aboriginal Justice Agreement. The agreement outlines how the NT government and Aboriginal territories will work together to improve equity outcomes for Aboriginal people. 16.33 For your creation, AJAs should be developed in all states and territories (except the Northern Territory (NT) in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups. They were required to cover the “provision, funding and coordination of Aboriginal programs and services.” [34] The YMAs should include, among other things, objectives to reduce the over-representation of Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders in the criminal justice system and to reduce incarceration rates.